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Soiree de Ballet 2020: To Our Students

A Letter to our Scottsdale School of Ballet Students 

Dear SBB Students,

Today you would have been preparing for the opening night of the “Soiree de Ballet 2020”. You would have, as the well trained students that you are, made sure that you had all shoes, leotards, make-up, hair and other necessities already at the theater last night for the dress rehearsal. You would have signed yourselves in to get ready for warm-up, prepare for the day and await any corrections. You would work though those to ensure that you were in top form for your performances.

We know that come performance time, you would have poured your heart and souls into every step and every moment onstage so that at the final curtain you would find yourselves exhausted. Exhausted, yes, but satisfied at knowing that all of the class time and rehearsal you put into this, would have been well worth every second and look forward to tomorrow’s matinee.

Although none of this will happen, we are so grateful that you all still remain the most important part of Scottsdale School of Ballet. You cannot know our disappointment in the fact that you will not have your performances of the “Soiree de Ballet 2020” as planned and we are sorry this has happened. Parents we want to thank you as well for the support you have given Scottsdale School of Ballet and keeping your child dancing with us.

We also want to let our Advanced Level II, know that we are so proud of all of you and the young women you have become and yes, we do take some credit for that as you have probably spent more time at the studio with us than you did at home.

Graduates, we hope that soon we will be able to celebrate your accomplishments in a formal gathering but for the moment please accept this small tribute below. We wanted more impromptu photos of these graduates that is different than what you usually see. In seeing where our graduates will attend college, whoever said that ballet does not make you smarter, needs to read below. You ladies will always be our “Fabulous Five”.

SARAH BRODERS – Congratulations!

Sarah will be attending Duke University in Durham, North Carolina at the Pratt School of Engineering in as a Biomedical Engineer major and a minor in Dance.


HANA MILLER – Congratulations!

Hana will be attending Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan and is majoring in Environmental Science.


NATALYA STANISIC – Congratulations!

Natalya will be attending the Honors College at Arizona State University in Tucson, Arizona and is majoring in Biochemistry


HANNAH WOOLERY – Congratulations!

Hannah has committed to pursuing a professional career in ballet and we are hoping for her to attend Scottsdale School of Ballet for another year.



GENEVA HOWES – A Huge Congratulations!
Geneva is the first student to attend Scottsdale School from Pre-Primary (age 4) through to the Advanced graduating level.

Geneva will be attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona and is majoring in Accounting



Amy Kroeger

Congratulations to all the Advanced II dancers on all your academic and dance accomplishments!!


Very nice tribute, such accomplishments for five fine students! Sad to not have seen them in the Soirée. The best to them as they go forward.

Maggie Smith

Congratulations to all the graduates! We missed seeing your artistic and polished performances at the spring ballet show! Best of luck in college!

Michelle Kuo

Many congratulations to you all and very best wishes for the wonderful things you will continue to do as you move forward with your education and with your lives. We missed seeing you all in the show this spring but we are looking forward to SSB coming back together, stronger than ever in the months to come.

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