If you need the online Registration Form, Class Attire, or Performance Agreement, continue back to the prior page and access these on the drop-down menu or click on the links on this page.  Students are registered for the entire year. We ask that returning students have their application form and payment turned in one week prior to the beginning date, usually the second week of August. All students are required to complete a registration form, signed by their parent or guardian prior to attending classes and need to submit the registration form with payment on or before the first class. All schedules are subject to change or modification and classes may be combined with others if minimum is not met. The online version of policies here supersedes all printed versions.

Registration Fee

All students are required to pay a non-refundable $35.00 registration fee. Registration is ongoing during the year, provided space remains in that level or class and will be at the discretion of the directors. It is recommended that you register early for the maximum benefit. Again a minimum number of 5 students for classes to take place at any time during the year.


A family discount applies as follows: 10% off first additional child and 15% off second additional child enrolled and 25% off the third additional enrolled. All discounts apply with the highest percentage deducted from the lowest amount of the tuitions paid. All boys registering in the school during the year will receive a 50% tuition discount.

NEW! For each student recommended to SSB, who enrolls for a least 1 period, you will receive a $15.00 discount on your next periods tuition.

Trial Classes

New students applying to SSB may take one trial class at no charge to see if the level, class and school are a good fit for your child. If you register anytime after the trial class, this class will be considered as the first class of your payment and is not prorated. You must contact the studio prior to arriving so we can find the best level class to attend.

Tuition  and Pro-Rated Tuition

Tuition must be paid in full prior to attending any classes. Please consult the Administrative Assistant for your current tuition amount and discounts. For prorated amount, all new students will be charged one additional week from the prorated date. Returning students tuition will be pro-rated a maximum of one week, and these students are encouraged to make-up classes with-in the same pay period at lower level classes for any classes missed.

Payment and Fee Schedule

Our year is 40 weeks and does not include the Summer Intensive or the 1 week Ballet Only intensive in the tuition. Payments at SSB are on a 5 Payment or 2 Payments Per Year. All payment dates are due on the dates listed on the calendar. Please make sure your payments are made on time to avoid late fees added toyour account.

Payments must be paid on time or late fees (see below). If due to financial duress, you may request a 2 payment plan for each or all of the 5 payments, and if approved, there will be an additional $10.00 fee per payment. All payment plans must be requested prior to any Late Fees placed on the account and must be paid in full on the prearranged dates.

We accept cash, personal checks and money orders for all payments. There is also an option to pay fees via PayPal with your credit card, however this is upon approval from the school and with the agreement that a payment of 2.9%-3.5% (depending on credit card used) convenience fee will be paid separately at the studio for using this service. Please inquire at the studio for the SSB PayPal account and agreement if you wish to use this service.

Late Fee and Refund Policies

An automatic $10.00 per week “Late Fee” will be added to your account for unpaid tuition. If payment is late by 2 weeks, the student will be asked to observe classes until the account is made current with all fees paid. Payment dates are posted in the studio lobby and we send a courtesy email as a reminder payments are due. Any unpaid balance will also result in the student not participating in classes or performing.

Tuition is non-refundable except in a case of serious injury or illness. Refund or credit will be on a pro-rated basis only for classes missed, and is contingent upon the date we receive a written request and will not be retroactive to any earlier date. A signed Doctor’s note is required for any refund.

Class/Rehearsal Attendance and Dress Code

Students are required to attend all classes and arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to all classes for which they have registered. Students arriving later than 5 minutes may be asked to observe class. Absences are allowed only for medical reasons, illness, injury or serious personal problems. If a student has several unexcused absences, or excessive tardiness this may compromise the student’s participation in the “Winter Festival” and/or “Spring Performance.” All performing students will be required to attend Saturday rehearsals, in addition to their regularly scheduled classes and must abide by the “Required Class Attire” for their level. Shoe size and fit must be approved by teacher or directors prior to student attending classes. Students not in the proper attire may be asked to observe class. Please note that there is a revised attire for this year.

In-Studio Policy

All ladies hair should be pulled back in a tight bun with no bangs and students should be dressed in proper attire for classes. No jewelry, gum, food or drinks (except water in a plastic bottle) will be allowed in the studios.

Do not bring cash, jewelry, or other valuables to the studio. Scottsdale School of Ballet is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please respect the dressing rooms, lobby and studio areas by keeping them clean and orderly.

SSB Viewing Week

For our students, viewing weeks are an integral part of learning to perform. We encourage parents to attend as often as you like during these weeks. Viewing days will be Monday thru Saturday. Parents will only be allowed to view classes during the SSB Viewing Days. We welcome and encourage parents, family members and friends to come and see the progress of the students throughout the year during this time. Please arrive prior to the class start time and turn off all pagers and cell phones. Siblings may attend but please, no babies or children under 3 years old during these classes. If you arrive late or have to leave early please wait until the exercise is finished. You may take photographs or videotape your child during these classes but remain seated in the front and do not walk around during the class. Viewing Weeks will be listed on future schedules and in News and Events.

Private lessons Studio Rental and Drop-in classes

All private lessons must be approved by the directors and are available for students only in the upper levels. Private lessons are only available with a current SSB faculty member and the rates for teachers will vary. Please consult your teacher for their current rate and teachers fees should be paid directly to the teacher. Rates for studio rental are $10.00 per hour for students currently registered and enrolled at SSB and $20.00 per hour for Non-SSB students. Non-SSB students must have a signed waiver and release form on file at SSB prior to scheduling any classes. All rental fees are to be paid directly to SSB and are due prior to each lesson.

SSB Performance Fees and Contract 

Prior to signing up for the Performances, please review the Performance Agreement. With the agreement you are committing your child to attend all classes and rehearsals during the year, as well as payment of all related performance fees. Rehearsals for the performances are mandatory and your child is required to attend all listed rehearsals and classes. If your child misses rehearsals, it is up to the discretion of the directors if the student may participate or not.

Fees are available upon completion and your complete understanding of the requirements and responsibilities in your performance contract and these fees should be paid in full at that time. Performance fees cover both performances, additional Saturday rehearsals, the Performance week rehearsals and some of the costume related fees. Performance fee is the same whether you participate in one or both performances.

SSB keeps all costumes and maintains them for future performances. For all students, we allow 2 weeks following your receipt of the rehearsal schedule to decide whether you want to participate in the performances. Included in these fees is a complimentary professional DVD copy of the ‘Winter Festival” and “Soiree de Ballet!” Because these fees cover additional rehearsals and costuming, there is only 1 DVD per family per show.

Drop in Classes

Drop-in classes are available for unenrolled Pre-Professional in the Intermediate and Advanced level and we request that you call prior to the class you wish to attend to receive approval and ensure no changes have been made for the class. Pricing available upon request.