A    All classes in that level. Performs in all aspects in performances.

B*    All Ballet classes within that level. Performs in ballet only in performance. (See below for adding classes to this option.

R    Recreation level is available for the Intermediate Level over 2 days per week and the Advanced Level over 3 days. Please choose this option carefully as it is a Non-Performing option for the entire year and cannot be changed once enrolled. REC is only a 38 weeks over the year and the so consult the Calendar for weeks off.

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Level 4 – 5

Level 4 -5 Monday 5:45-7:15Ballet/ PointeA B
Level 4 -5 Tuesday5:45-7:15Ballet/ Pointe A B
Level 4 -5 Tuesday7:20-8:20 Flamenco A
Level 4 - 5 Wednesday 6:00 - 7:30 Ballet A
Level 4 -5 Friday 4:15 - 5:45 Ballet/ Pointe A B
Level 4 -5 Friday 5:50 - 6:50 Contempo A
Level 4 -5 Saturday10:45-11:45Stretch and StrengtheningA


Adv I Monday4:40-5:40 Flamenco
Adv IMonday 5:45-7:30
Ballet PointeA B R
Adv ITuesday4:15 - 5:45
Ballet Pointe A B
Adv ITuesday5:50 - 7:05ContempoA
Adv IThursday5:45-7:45
Ballet Pointe*A B
Adv IFriday5:45-7:30
Ballet Pointe*A B R
*Adv ISaturday 11:00 - 12:00 Ballet Only when rehearsals begin. Consult your schedule for more info.


Adv I IMonday 5:45-7:30
Ballet PointeA B R
Adv I ITuesday5:45 - 7:15
Ballet Pointe A B
Adv I ITuesday7:20 - 8:35ContempoA
Adv I IWednesday 5:45-7:30
Ballet Pointe*A B
Adv I IThursday5:45-7:45
Ballet Pointe*A B
Adv IIFriday 4:40 -5:40 Flamenco A
Adv I IFriday
Ballet Pointe*A B R
Adv I ISaturday 10:30-12:00Ballet Pointe A

These class schedules are subject to change or modification.
*All Pointe classes are at the discretion of the teacher. Variations may apply in place of Pointe class. Intermediate Recreational
level does not participate in Pointe.

Please contact the office for the current Tuition Schedule. This schedule is subject to change or modification.
Minimum enrollment of 5 students per level. Choose the recreational option carefully as this is not tranferrable to any other option and
is for a student who chooses not to perform during the year. If the performance option is permitted by the directors, a supplemental fee will apply. Students are required to take all scheduled classes.

+ Start dates for the “Open Rehearsals” for the Advanced TBA at a later date.

Options and Drop-in Rates
Drop in Classes

Drop-In Rates are available by contacting the studio and rates apply to outside students in Pre-Profesional level classes (Non-Adult). Please Contact the studio for availablity and if your child is eligible to attend these classes. Drop in classes with any Master Teacher is will be only with the approval of the directors.
*Option B
*Option B may add classes at an additional cost. Any changes to these options will be upon approval by the directors. Classes may only be added up until the end of the 1st Payment period.