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Classes begin August 12th 2019!

Wonderful Faculty for the 2019 – 2020 Season

Advanced Level in "The Ballet Class"

                          SSB Advanced Level Students in  “The Ballet Class”

Classes for the 2019-2020 Season will begin August 12th 2019 and we want to welcome all new students and welcome back to all returning students. All students who have been enrolled in SSB last year will advance to the next level, unless otherwise instructed by the directors.

Level 1 in " The Ballet Class"

Level 1 in “The Ballet Class”

We take great care in making sure that our faculty is the best that can be offered and are extremely pleased with the 2019 -2020 faculty. Returning teaching staff is: Ballet/ Caroline Fazzuoli, Paola Hartey, Aidan Huff  Flamenco / Julia Chacon, Contemporary/ Kelsey Kroll, Rebecca Boizelle and our piano accompanist for the Advanced I and II, Amanda Hidalgo. We also want to welcome a new instructor to the ballet staff, Cece Huffman. She will be a wonderful addition to our school and feel free to visit the Faculty page to review her bio.

Level A and B in "The Ballet Class"

Level A and B in “The Ballet Class”

We have updated much of the site, with the current schedules, calendar, photos and will continue to update on a regular basis, the galleries and photos that represent the various levels in our school. Remember that you can always enroll online with the fillable form on the Registration page. Please email or call us with any questions and the current rates and fees for each level.

We look forward to seeing all of you the week of August 12th and keep checking back here as we will have the blog page updated regularly.